Yoga that breathes only for your body

Deepen your practice, gain confidence, and receive guidance from a teacher to develop a practice tailored to your individual needs. Personalised yoga is an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience. Personal, private yoga lessons are the best way to address your goals and work on areas of individual interest. You can work with the teacher of your choice or we can match a teacher to meet your expressed needs. We encourage ongoing personal yoga instruction outside of the classroom setting to maximise the benefits of yoga.


Personalised yoga allows for a more intimate view into your practice. You can start a new practice, deepen your practice or spend some time working with an injury or condition. When you work with a teacher one on one, the teacher is able to help you experience the benefits of yoga in a safe, personal way.


As a new student, you may be intimidated by the public classroom environment. Personalised yoga allows a teacher the opportunity to focus on you and make sure you are getting off to an appropriate start. Personal yoga instruction will help you integrate into our public classes.


You can check and choose the yoga that suits to your needs. Click here to choose one for you.

ICONICYOGA ORG. web launch!

We are glad to inform all viewers and people associated with yoga that, we have digitized our organisation to make sure that more and more people get connected to us and get benefit to themselves by means of yoga.


We want more and more people to join our organisation and get benefit through the means of yoga.

Yoga and meditation could be exercised on daily basis to make your daily activities work more easier and smoother.


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